System Requirements

  • 256M or more memory.
  • 5 GB or more free disk space.
  • DirectX9.0 or higher.
  • Windows Media Format 9 Series Runtime or later.

To record DVD Main movie to pop video and audio formats, you should playback DVD to main movie firstly.

1. Load DVD movie:

Hitpicbutton to switch to DVD Main movie recorder.
Hit pic button to load DVD from DVD-ROM or hard disk;
Hit pic to crop DVD video, you will be able to get your favorite aspect ratio and remove black bar.
Hi pic to set the general settings, such as output folder, fast to main movie, shutdown computer, start screen.
Hi pic to set output format settings for the destination video and audio files.

2. Playback DVD to main movie:

Please playback to DVD Main movie and select your favor audio language and subtitle language before starting to record.


pic:Shows DVD Player seek bar, duration inforamtion, and paly status information
pic: Go to previous chapter.
pic: Play DVD movie.
pic: Stop playing DVD movie and close, if you click this button, you have to reload DVD again for the next play.
pic: Go to next chapter.
pic: DVD Play Control button, if you click this button, you will get play, stop, navigation, audio language, subtitle language ect control menu


you also can get the control menu by right-click on the DVD movie screen.
pic: Play sound controller.

3. Starting:

Hit picto start to record DVD movie video or audio.

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